A documentary series filmed in the virtual world to help us understand the real world. Virtually Speaking is an eleven episode series filmed entirely inside virtual reality app VRChat, presenting whimsical conversations about various real worlds topics from a diverse cast of people as their virtual avatars.
Filmed during the first COVID lockdown, episode 1 share's the thoughts and feelings the cast had whilst stuck at home. Each episode delves into a different topic ranging from Romance to Animals.
Directed by Joe Hunting
Producer: Joe Hunting, Jasmin Bensted, Katie Bailiff
Executive Producer: Jaine Green
Cinematography: Joe Hunting
Sound Design: Joe Hunting, Simon Ubsdell
Editor: Joe Hunting
Original music: Spork of Love
The series premiered at discover.film's 2020 short film festival hosted inside VRChat.

Official selection
Raindance Immersive 2020.​​​​​​​

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