My first short documentary filmed inside VRChat; a social VR platform that allows users to create their own worlds and avatars.
A Wider Screen is an exploration into how virtual embodiment can affect the way we socialise, love and express ourselves. Presenting intimate stories of two friends meeting in real life for the first time, and a whimsical Shiba dog couple un-expectedly finding love in VR. 
This debut short film toured festivals worldwide showing at LSFF, Inside Out, Discoverfilm Awards, Encounters and more.
Directed and produced by Joe Hunting
Featuring music from Raymond Scott & Blithe field

Best Experimental Film - Discover Film Awards
Best Documentary Film - Screentest​​​​​​

Official selection
London Short Film Festival 2020
Inside Out 2020
Cheltenham International Film Festival 2020
British Shorts 2020
Encounters 2019

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