The A MAZE. Train Jam opened it's doors to VRChat for it's 2020 festival. Thorsten S. Wiedemann collaborated with the MCSA (Meta-verse crew South Africa) to create Cape-Johzi station, a floating train station surrounded by a mixed landscape of Cape Town and Johannesburg, which housed projects created in a 48hr VR art / game jam.
I created the announcement trailer of the A MAZE. VRChat world in collaboration with Markus Wormstorm, and independently created a short documentary highlighting the projects created during the festival.
All videos are shot inside VRChat, using VRCLens.
The Flamingos have arrived, VRChat world teaser trailer
Featuring music from Markus Wormstorm
A MAZE. Train Jam 2020 Highlight Film
MCSA (VRChat World creators)
Rick Treweek / Metarick
Jason Stapleton / Phace
Ray Harli / V-Ray
Sean Davenport / Tonetastic 
Markus Wormstorm / Wormstorm
Deac /
Featuring project creators
Some Donkus
DADA Universe

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